2 Ways Our English Language Summer Schools Ensure a High Standard of Safety and Welfare

We know that going to summer boarding school can be a big step for children, and that parents want the highest standard of safety and welfare possible. For many children, going away to summer boarding school can be a first time away from home. As such, safety and welfare are top priorities at our summer schools. In fact, at Thames Valley Summer Schools (TVSS), we take great pride in not only meeting welfare and safety standards, but exceeding them.

Read on to learn more about how we work hard to ensure the safety and welfare of our students.

Students Enjoy State-of-the-Art Facilities Designed for Their Age Group

Just as our schools meet high standards for EFL education, so too do they meet a high standard for student safety and welfare. Some other language schools may use university campuses as accommodation for children, meaning that students use facilities designed for adults rather than kids and teens. By contrast, our English language summer school houses students in facilities designed with their age group in mind.

To help students feel comfortable during their stay, TVSS uses the facilities of some of England’s top boarding schools: Epsom College, Rugby School, St. George’s Ascot, and St. John’s Leatherhead. Designed specifically for under 18 year-olds, these facilities offer an ideal environment for their age group. Whether enjoying the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Studios at Epsom College; learning in the multi-million pound teaching complex at St. John’s Leatherhead; swimming in the brand new indoor pool at St George’s Ascot; or playing rugby on the pitch where the game was created at Rugby School, students can feel comfortable and cared for in world-class facilities.

English language summer school

Students enjoy campuses designed for their specific age group

Our English Intensive Summer Schools Exceed Supervision Guidelines

The British Council recommends in their inspection criteria guidelines that at least 1 adult per every 15 children must be present in residence. At TVSS, we far exceed this standard and have an average of 1 adult in residence for every 5 students—3 times the required amount. A Housemaster or Housemistress supervises each boarding house, ensuring the welfare and safety of each student under their care. In addition, senior staff and teachers are also present and live in the boarding houses, where they can be easily found by students.

Around 85% of our staff are aged 25 and over, with approximately 60% of them being returning staff. Our senior staff also usually work year-round at boarding schools in the UK, so you can rest assured that highly qualified individuals are caring for your child during their stay.

English intensive summer school

Our schools are equipped with staff members at a ratio that far exceeds recommended standards

Our English intensive summer school also maintains a high level of supervision and care during class time. Classes are structured with a maximum of 15 students per teacher, but generally work with 13-14 students per teacher. Each school has a Course Director who oversees the course, and children meet regularly with their Housemaster or Housemistress to talk about any concerns they may have. Under the care of highly qualified professionals, students can feel comfortable and supported during their stay.

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