4 Things that Set TVSS Apart from Other English Summer Schools

Sending your child to summer school in England provides them with an unrivalled opportunity to improve their English and experience the broader world. However, with so many schools to choose from, deciding on the perfect fit for your child can be a challenge.

Fortunately, at Thames Valley Summer Schools, we have over 45 years of experience providing students with a one-of-a-kind educational experience. What is it that sets us apart? Here are some of the many benefits we offer.

1. Your Child Will Study at Some the Best Boarding Schools in England

England’s boarding schools are among the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. TVSS’ course centres are located at schools that are particularly renowned: Rugby School; St. George’s, Ascot; Epsom College; and St. John’s, Leatherhead. These institutions have educated royalty and Prime Ministers, as well as some of England’s leading writers, athletes, actors, scientists, and business leaders.


Our course centres are located at some of the UK’s best boarding schools

Sending your child to an institution with a stellar reputation isn’t simply a matter of prestige. More importantly, it gives them an opportunity to learn English in world-class facilities. For example, students at Rugby are taught English intensive summer courses in the new Modern Languages Building, a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically for language learning.

2. Students Receive an Excellent Education from Fully Qualified Teachers

The primary purpose of your child’s stay is to improve their English, which is why we strive for the highest educational standards. Our students have tremendous success with their exams. On average, 99% pass the Trinity exam, with 83% passing with merit or distinction.

One of the reasons for this success is that our teachers hold internationally-recognised qualifications and many have extensive experience teaching English. On average, there is one teacher for every 13 to 14 students—and in our intensive course, that ratio is one teacher per 8 to 9 students.


Thames Valley Summer Schools Students are taught by fully qualified instructors

3. Our English Summer Schools Offer Exceptional Excursions and Activities

Thanks to the superb locations of our schools, your child will get to take part in fun and educational excursions to some of England’s most famous sights. While excursion destinations vary from centre to centre, all students visit London and also destinations such as Windsor Castle, Oxford, the British Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

We also boast numerous activities so that students receive a well-rounded experience during their stay. Whether your child is interested in sports, arts, or technology, we have activities to suit them. Some of these activities are truly unique. For example, students at Rugby have the chance to play on the very pitch where the game of rugby was invented!

4. Your Child’s Welfare Is the Top Priority at Our English Language Summer Schools

Your child’s stay at English summer school should be worry-free, so we take extra care to ensure the welfare of all our students. Your child will be met at Heathrow Airport by our staff and taken to their course centre by private coach. During their stay, they will benefit from the safety of having one adult in residence for every five students, which is a ratio three times better than recommended by the British Council. Students also have plenty of opportunity to make friends during their stay, including meeting similarly aged local children.

Most of our senior staff members work in UK boarding schools throughout the year, and 85% of our staff are at least 25 years old. Furthermore, each boarding house has its own security system and is overseen by a housemaster/mistress. With all of these measures and many more in place, you can rest assured that your child’s welfare is our foremost concern.

Are you looking to send your child to a world-class English language summer school?

Contact our Registrar, Brittany Williams, to learn more about our offerings.


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