A Tour of our Four Summer School Locations

Learning English as a foreign language at our schools is a formative experience for students. With top-tier locations at some of the most prestigious boarding schools in England, your child can focus on their education in safe, up-to-date facilities.

Knowing that they are taken care of helps children relax and get the most out of their courses. In fact, in 2019 students in our schools had a pass rate of 99%, and 86% achieved Distinction or Merit in their Trinity Exam. Read on to learn a little bit more about our four summer school locations, and decide which one is best for your child.

Rugby School Is an Historic Location with a College Atmosphere

Rugby School, well-known as the birthplace of the sport of rugby in 1823, is one of the most historically significant and prestigious schools in England. It’s located near many unique destinations, such as Stratford-upon-Avon, where William Shakespeare was born.

Suited for students aged 12-17, Rugby School has a large, college feel and features an arts & crafts centre, two information and communication technologies suites, and sports facilities such as tennis courts, rugby pitches, and a 25-metre 6-lane swimming pool. Accommodation in the boarding houses at Rugby School is primarily in single rooms, with a few twins. Larger rooms with 3-6 beds are available for younger students and as with all of our English language boarding school locations, our dining room, showers, cleaning, and laundry services keep students comfortable.

summer school in the UK

Rugby is an historic and prestigious school with a college atmosphere

Attend Summer School in Ascot at St George’s School

Students particularly fond of horse riding might find great pleasure in taking horse riding lessons so close to the Ascot Racecourse, one of the most prestigious racecourses in the world. Located not far from the Ascot Racecourse (where the Queen’s favourite event, Royal Ascot, takes place) and with the opportunity to visit Windsor Castle, St. George’s School also has a connection to the royal family. This school is suited for ages 10-16, and has a wealth of history and modern comforts to offer at its beautiful location in the English countryside.

The school was once attended by Sir Winston Churchill, and was founded in 1877 to serve as a boys’ preparatory school. St. George’s has been recognised for its excellent food by Tatler Magazine, has extensive sports facilities, and overlooks 12 hectares of beautiful scenery and rolling Berkshire hills. Students interested in cooking and the arts will also have plenty to enjoy, as St. George’s also offers a 350-seat theatre, Cookery School kitchen, and studios for art, dance, and drama. Bedrooms range from small to large, with rooms containing 1 to 6 beds.

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Common areas at St George’s Ascot give students a chance to connect

St. George’s is an all-girls school during the regular school year and is nicely decorated and well looked after. As such, boys and girls who are attending summer school for the first time can find its homely atmosphere quite comforting.

Epsom College Provides a Friendly and Inviting Atmosphere

Epsom College is suited for ages 13-17 and is particularly well-liked by students. The school’s facilities are all within a short walk of each other, and the campus maintains a college feel and an inviting atmosphere. It is located in the charming market town of Epsom, which is just 22 km away from central London. Bedrooms may be singles, twins, or contain 3-4 beds. Excursions from Epsom include attractions such as the Natural History Museum, Canterbury Cathedral, and Oxford University.

The Mackinder Building was recently added to Epsom College, full of cutting-edge learning facilities. In addition, computer suites, sports halls, and studios for dance, music, and more equip the school with everything needed for a well-rounded EFL education.

English language boarding school

Epsom accommodation gives students a chance to practise their English

Discover the Quad and Cloistered Buildings of St John’s School

8-16 year old students are well-suited to St John’s School. At this location, students are divided by age into Juniors (8-13 years old) and Seniors (13-16 years old). Popular with younger students, the whole school forms a quadrangle around beautifully manicured lawns – a feature that gives it the feel of a traditional Oxbridge College.  This makes the school easy to navigate safely, making it especially fitting for young students.

Weekly excursions to London and sports facilities keep students practising their English in different settings. Students stay in single, twin, or 3-6 bed rooms. Recently, a 370-seat theatre, two art studios, and a brand new computer laboratory were added to St John’s, making this an excellent option for students with diverse interests. 

summer school in the UK

The quad at St. John’s School allows young students to travel between buildings safely and easily

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