April Showers? More like February Floods!

It is traditional in England to see heavy rainfall in April, there is even a common English saying - ‘April Showers’. But those of you who have been keeping a close eye on the news recently, will be well aware of the effects of heavy rainfall that has besieged England over the last few weeks. And here at the Thames Valley Headquarters in Windsor, we are right in the heart of one of the areas worst hit by severe flooding. Our office is fortunately on high enough ground and we have not been affected by flood waters, but just a few short kilometres away are the towns of Eton and Staines, two of the worst hit residential areas in the country, not to mention Windsor itself. You may have even seen Princes William and Harry on the news pitching in with our emergency services to help strengthen flood defence barriers!

The amount of rainfall we have seen this year has meant we have seen one of the wettest winters since records began and it has devastated thousands of homes and businesses throughout the country. Although the waters now seem to be subsiding, it will take a huge effort to clear up the aftermath and re-build the regions worst hit. And it is not just the Thames Valley that has been struck. We usually visit Hunstanton, a lovely seaside town nearby to our Oundle Centre, with a trip to the Sea Life Centre, but a large tidal surge has damaged the centre and the re-build is going to take several months and isn’t scheduled to be completed until the end of the summer. We have planned an extra special excursion to one of the Queen’s residences – Sandringham - in its place though, so our students visiting Oundle will have that to look forward to instead!

 21st February 2014 /    Alice /   Global Events

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