British Seaside Holidays!

Rain or shine, we British love our seaside holidays and with over 9,000 miles of stark coastline and empty beaches there are plenty of spots to choose from around the UK. Depending on the location, each area offers its own unique quality and experience.

One of the most popular coastal areas of Britain is Brighton. With its fun and vibrant atmosphere, you will never be lost for things to do. There are over 400 restaurants to choose from, however, the most common choice for most British visitors is to take a seat on the pebbled beach and enjoy a nice bag of fresh fish and chips. This often seems like a wonderful idea at the time, however, tension often mounts when trying to fend off the 20 seagulls attempting to swipe your delicious lunch from right beneath your nose. If shopping is your thing, Brighton certainly has it all. You are likely to get lost in its maze-like lanes and alleyways filled with quirky vintage shops and unusual little cafés.

For the more adventurous types, Cornwall may be more your cup of tea. Its fantastic surf spots attract thousands of surfers from around the globe every year. Newquay, located on Cornwall’s Atlantic Coast, is widely regarded as the surf capital of the UK, with waves breaking at up to 20 feet (6 m)! If you’re not keen on getting your toes wet, you can always head to the nearest café and tuck into a traditional Cornish pasty or try a tasty Cornish ice cream made with clotted cream. Cornwall’s laid-back atmosphere probably plays a large part in attracting its five million visitors every year.

These are just a couple of examples of Britain’s most popular seaside retreats, but there are thousands of wonderful shores to discover across the country. There’s something for everyone, as long as you don’t mind braving the wind, rain and hungry seagulls.

 13th April 2014 /    Alice /   Sight Seeing, Excursions

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