Discover How Our English Language Summer School Can Nurture Future Leaders

Students will have the opportunity to develop the skills and qualities need to help them succeed in life and their chosen career.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making… these are just a few of the qualities that your child will need to succeed in their future careers and ones they can develop with the help of Thames Valley Summer Schools.

This summer students who want to enhance their leadership potential can join the Future Leaders course at Epsom College and acquire the skills they need to lead in business, politics or any other field they want to make a difference in.

Students Will Be Inspired By Guest Speakers and TED Talks

As part of the Future Leaders course at Epsom College, students will be given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers and draw inspiration from the hugely popular TED Talks. The content of these talks will give students access to a wide range of opinions and knowledge, encouraging them to think critically and develop their own views. During their summer school, they will refine their public speaking skills by observing the experts and how they can keep an audience captivated by expressing their ideas clearly.

Debating and Problem Solving To Help Create Leaders Who Can Overcome Life’ s Challenges

The Future Leaders course incorporates practical lessons and workshops in which students take part in debating, public speaking, and team projects. They will learn how to debate confidently and clearly, expressing their ideas in ways which will persuade their audience. They will also learn that great leaders are problem solvers and they will be given the confidence to overcome the challenges.

Students Can Build an International Network Early on at Summer School

The most successful people are the most well connected and students will have the opportunity to network with students from different countries, making friends for life and enhancing their team-working skills. They’ll do this not just in an academic setting but also during recreational activities like sports and our culturally enriching excursions to galleries and museums.

English language summer school

Students will have the opportunity to meet children from all over the world and, not just make friends for life, but build an international network.

The world is becoming increasingly globalised and having this international network could help your child succeed in the world of tomorrow. Whether they have aspirations to work abroad or start a global company of their own, this international network might just prove invaluable.

Do you want to find out more about how attending an English language summer school could help your child develop the skills and qualities they will need to succeed.

Contact our Registrar to learn more about our schools and courses and you can help create one of the leaders of the future.

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