From Coding to Horse Riding: Discover the Academy Courses Available at Thames Valley Summer Schools

Attending Thames Valley Summer Schools (TVSS) is an enriching experience. In addition to English courses and our multi-activity recreation programme, students at Ascot, Epsom, and Leatherhead have the chance to enrol in Afternoon Academies. These Academies offer students personalised instruction in new and interesting skills and each course and certificate is externally validated.

With a Sports Academy at Ascot, Tech Academy at Leatherhead, and Art Academy at Epsom College, there is sure to be an option that will suit your child's skills and interests. Let's take a look at the exciting Academies your child could enjoy.

Your Child Can Enjoy Horse Riding and Other Sports Activities at Ascot Summer School

Ascot, England is world famous for horse riding. Every year in June the Ascot Racecourse hosts Royal Ascot, which offers five days of horse races attended by the Royal Family. When your child attends St. George's School, Ascot, they will be in close proximity to this legendary racecourse. For this reason, it's hardly surprising that one of the most popular activities at our Ascot Sports Academy is horse riding. Students enrolled in horse riding lessons train on well-mannered horses and are taught by British Horse Society (BHS) qualified instructors. They learn the basics of horse riding, such as mounting and dismounting, the trot, and maintaining balance.


Students at Ascot can learn horse riding from BHS-qualified instructors

While horse riding is certainly a highlight of the Ascot Sports Academy, it isn't the only activity offered. Your child can also participate in tennis lessons run by qualified Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) coaches or take golf lessons with qualified Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) coaches. Tennis lessons are also provided at Epsom and Leatherhead.

Your Child Can Learn to Build Robots and Video Games at the Leatherhead Tech Academy

Students attending our English summer programme at St. John's School, Leatherhead or Epsom College can enrol in the Leatherhead Tech Academy. The Tech Academy features three courses: Robotics, Mobile Apps, and Coding Games. In Robotics, students learn how to design and build robots while also learning some coding basics. In Mobile Apps, students develop their own mobile apps and get to create and share games, quizzes, and homework with their friends and family. Finally, in Coding Games they can learn the basics of coding video games and even create their own games by the end of the course.


At the Leatherhead Tech Academy, students can learn how to build their own robots

All Tech Academy courses are provided by FireTech Camp, which is the UK's leading technology education provider. Teachers are experts in their field, and they undergo intensive training to help inspire and instruct students.

Allow Your Child's Creativity to Shine at the Epsom Arts Academy

Our summer school at Epsom is the perfect choice for artistic students. The Epsom Art Academy, which is also open to Leatherhead students, provides students with a number of courses focused on developing their artistic skills. During the Performance Arts course, for example, students put together a performance, which may include acting, singing, poetry, dance, mime, and other skills.

The Art & Design course, meanwhile, is taught by professional artists in an art school environment. Students learn a variety of techniques, like drawing, charcoal, painting, mixed media, and collage. They also exhibit their work at the end of the course in an Art Academy exhibition. Finally, the Lights, Camera, Imagination course is for students who want to explore the art of photography. Students on this course learn about composition, exposure, and the basics of the camera. At the end, one of their photos will be professionally evaluated, and they will receive a mini-portfolio along with an end-of-course certificate.

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