How TVSS Helps Students Prepare for the Trinity English Exam

The Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) is an evaluation of conversational ability. The qualification demonstrates speaking and listening skills in English, which can be used for study, work, or personal purposes. The GESE is offered at various levels, from Grade 1 to Grade 11.

At our summer schools, students take the TVSS Trinity English Examination course to prepare for this assessment. Once they have completed their lessons, they will be able to show their grasp of vocabulary and grammar, as well as feel confident and prepared for the exam. In fact, last year our students had a 99% pass rate, with 86% of them achieving Merit or Distinction.

Read on to discover some of the ways that TVSS can help students feel ready for the Trinity English Exam!

The Trinity English Examination Course at TVSS

The Trinity GESE is an excellent certificate to have, as it does not expire and is widely recognised. Your child’s ability to communicate in English will be proven, and since the certificate is valid for life, it can be used to give them opportunities well into the future.

The TVSS Trinity English Examination course works to improve students’ vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, confidence, and knowledge of the English language. At the beginning of the course, students will have an oral assessment which will evaluate how they communicate in English. This assessment will help teachers place students in the most appropriate level for their needs.

Course content is specifically geared towards the exam. There is a focus on conversational and interactive language tasks, as well as on topics that may appear in the exam. Since the curriculum is designed specifically for Trinity English exam preparation, students are given all of the necessary tools and practice to fully prepare for their assessment, including the ability to talk about exam topics that may come up.

summer schoolTVSS can help students prepare for the specific requirements of the exam

How Activities and Excursions Improve Conversational Abilities

The Trinity GESE is an assessment of English capabilities within the context of a normal conversation. Time outside the classroom practising such skills is crucial for students, as it allows them to apply what they’ve learned in their course to real-world situations. Repetition helps people learn languages, and increasing a child’s exposure to English conversation will allow them to practise words, phrases, and listening strategies.

TVSS encourages everyone to engage in conversation through activities and excursions. This gives language learners time to listen, communicate, and make mistakes in a comfortable and supportive environment. Each day, recreational activities at summer school such as sports, arts & crafts, and more challenge students to interact with one another and use their English skills, continuously expanding upon their vocabularies and listening capabilities.

In addition, one full day and one half day excursion will take place each week. During these excursions, students get to visit landmarks, museums, and more. Using these excursions as a chance to practise everyday communication is invaluable. Only when applying English skills to a natural setting can students truly see how they communicate in the language. Combined with engaging coursework, our summer schools work hard to prepare students to take the exam with confidence.

trinity english examInteracting in normal settings during fun activities helps students develop conversational skills

Are you looking for a summer school that can help prepare your child for the Trinity English exam?

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