'New Centre Announced'

Everyone at Thames Valley Summer Schools is pleased to announce a new addition to our schools this year. International students will now have the opportunity to improve their English at one of the UK’s most prestigious boarding schools – the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As a coeducational, secondary boarding school, the programme will be available for students aged 11 to 18. Conveniently located, it boasts an impressive range of facilities which include a full sized Quidditch pitch, a Chamber of Secrets and extensive grounds.

The recreational programme will include a disco, karaoke and a film night. An optional pack lunch will be available in the Forbidden Forest but this is only available for students aged 16 – 18 due to potentially hazardous activities.

Please note that scheduled transfers are only available from Kings Cross Station, London. Thames Valley staff will be waiting at Platform 9 ¾ and they can be recognised by their blue and yellow cloaks. The scheduled transfer is only offered at 11:00.

Students will take the Trinity Examination and will receive certification in Defence against the Dark Arts. Please be advised that on arrival days, students will be allocated to their English class according to the Sorting Hat.

We regret that, due to limited places, Muggles are not currently being accepted. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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