New course for 2015!

We have an exciting new course for our summer 2015 programme that, if you have ever thought about studying in England all year round, could be the perfect ‘taster’ course for you to experience.

Our Introduction to British Boarding School Life (IBBS) course gives an insight into choosing and attending a typical British boarding school. It offers students on the course an opportunity to: 

  • understand the factors involved in selecting a school
  • appreciate the culture, traditions and ethos of the UK independent school system
  • get a flavour of what it would be like as a boarding student

This is a 2-week course where students follow the full Trinity examination course in the morning then attend ten IBBS modules over four afternoons per week. Students must have a minimum English level of Intermediate (B1 on the CEFR) - all modules are taught in English.

This course covers a range of topics to enable students to be able to recommend to their parents the right choice of school for them: 

  • Living in the UK –the practical, cultural and geographical issues to consider as well as the importance of having a UK guardian
  • Understanding the UK educational and exam system –the British School System, the National Curriculum and the range of different exams students may undertake, which may affect their choice of school
  • Entrance requirements –what is needed in order to gain a place at a British Boarding School
  • Important factors in choosing a boarding school – different factors will have different importance for the individual and will vary from school to school – the international mix of the school, the co-curricular focus, the academic load, the exams offered, etc.
  • Typical boarding school experience – preparation for what a day/term/year is like at a British Boarding School, the importance of the boarding house and co-curricular activities such as sport, music and drama
  • Study skills – experience of typical exam questions and study tips
  • Subject lessons –subject lessons in Biology, Geography, Maths, Physics and English (all taught in English)

Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about this course by emailing us at!

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