Now That Summer School Is Over, Here's How to Maintain Your English Skills

With the end of the 2019 summer school season, we are looking forward to a new year of opportunities. After studying at Thames Valley Summer Schools, children may return to a non-English speaking environment at home and school. This may cause concern over maintaining the level of English they have acquired.

Fortunately, students can practise their English with the friends they’ve made during the summer, as well as incorporate English into their daily activities. With these strategies, not only can children maintain their new level of proficiency, but they can even improve upon it and strengthen their skills, using what they have learned. Read on for some ways English skills can be maintained and improved upon after summer school.

Write to Summer School Friends to Practise English Skills

A major benefit of English summer school is the number of friendships students can develop during their stay. Feeling that you are in good company can make the learning journey much more positive and encouraging. Many students return to English school for second or third summers, with the possibility of running into old classmates they’ve bonded with.

Students can stay connected with the friends they met at summer school

Students can stay connected with the friends they met at summer school

Between summers, students can remain in contact with each other to practise their English. With the wealth of social media channels available, students are able to chat with each other conveniently, keeping English a part of their daily routine. Children may also choose to be pen pals with one another, using email or old-fashioned letters to practise reading and writing in English. Maintaining friendships from summer school that they care about help children feel motivated to sustain the English they’ve learned.

At TVSS, not only do children connect with others who are learning English, but they also meet English School Friends, who are English children of a similar age that join in for classes, lunch, and activities. These friendly, encouraging friends are wonderful people to stay in touch with as fluent, native speakers.

Use Skills from Summer School in the UK to Explore new Books and Movies

When a child develops their skills in English, they have the ability to enjoy books, television shows, and movies that they otherwise might not feel empowered to try.  Students can challenge themselves while having fun at the same time, by reading stories written in English by native speakers, or watching movies in English. They can choose from cartoons, comic books, novels, or other sources of entertainment as they maintain their English after summer school.

These activities help to not only preserve skills built in summer school, but even introduce new vocabulary and colloquialisms to children, challenging their comprehension and expanding their knowledge.

Exploring books in English lets children practise their language skills with materials that interest them

Exploring books in English lets children practise their language skills with materials that interest them

Students Can Maintain Their English Skills by Practising at Home

To help maintain English skills throughout the school year, parents can encourage their children to practise their English at home. This can be an excellent way to maintain the fundamental skills they’ve learned at English language summer school.

Using English at home can be extremely helpful, even if parents don’t speak English fluently themselves. In this case, kids can share their newfound knowledge of the English language—such as new words and expressions they’ve learned—with parents and other family members, teaching them new skills as a result. In fact, teaching others is an excellent way to develop and strengthen new skills!

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