Our English Summer School Adds 3 New Academies for 2020!

This year, we are excited to offer three new Afternoon Academies at our summer schools. Bushcraft, Cooking, and Reading & Writing Skills will be introduced into our programmes, expanding the range of educational experiences students can enjoy. Each academy consists of 3 sessions, each 3 hours long. 

While Cooking and Bushcraft will be available at Ascot, our Reading & Writing Skills Academy will be offered at Rugby School. Read on to learn more about the new Academies and what they each have to offer our students during the summer of 2020!

Bushcraft Offers Outdoor Education at English Summer School

The Bushcraft Academy at Ascot is excellent for students who are motivated to learn more about wilderness and survival skills. The programme is led by a former British Army captain, who has experience leading teams through a variety of terrain including mountains, jungles, bushland, desert, and forest. He also has experience teaching at a primary school and writing literature for children. 

This course helps students learn English while developing their teamwork and leadership skills, as well as expanding their vocabularies and learning about safety and survival. A ‘cook out’ wraps up the end of this Academy, where students can make dinner together in the wilderness and use their English and outdoor skills. Summer school in the UK offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the great outdoors while developing excellent communication skills in English.

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Students who love nature may be inspired to expand their English vocabulary through wilderness training

Students Can Explore Their Passion for the Culinary Arts While They Learn English

This Academy is an excellent way to learn more about British culture, as a traditional English afternoon tea will be part of the course. Students will learn about the history, etiquette, preparation and presentation of cakes, scones, sandwiches and brewed tea. Students will also learn to prepare a variety of sweet and savoury dishes, as well as time management skills. 

English vocabulary and communication skills will be built around learning about new ingredients, techniques, and cuisines. This Academy is available at the St. George’s Cookery School at Ascot. What better place to learn about English cooking than at English language summer school in the UK?

Reading & Writing Skills Complement Other Courses at English Summer School

The Reading & Writing skills Academy will be offered at Rugby School, where Academies will be newly available in 2020. This reading & writing course complements the speaking & listening focus of the morning Trinity GESE course. Pairing the two together gives students a well-rounded and thorough English language education. Reading skills can become more efficient and texts can be easier to navigate after completing this Afternoon Academy. 

Through this Academy course, students will strengthen their writing skills as they learn how to organise and produce their writing, whether it is formal, informal, or academic in nature. Students can improve their ability to write concise sentences using accurate grammar, while broadening their vocabulary. This is an excellent way to boost confidence with reading and writing, so that students are better able to explore English texts and excel in other courses.

Rugby School will offer select Academies in 2020, including Reading & Writing Skills

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