Sights & sounds of London

With so much to offer, London is the perfect place to visit for culture, shopping, eating, sightseeing and fun. At all Thames Valley centres, scheduled trips are planned to ensure students get to visit the great city. There are several fantastic museums including the National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, British Museum and Natural History Museum with fun and educational materials provided to allow students to make the most of their visits. This is often followed by some sight-seeing and, of course, shopping! Students can visit renowned shopping streets such as Oxford Street and Knightsbridge. Covent Garden is an excellent place for a bite to eat and relax whilst absorbing the vibrant atmosphere of London culture.

There are also exciting walking tours and certain centres even get to see London from on high with a ride on the famous London Eye. If there is not enough time to pack in all you want to see and do in London, then (at some centres) we give the option for students to visit London on some weekends if they chose to and spend more time in the city, discovering further adventures to be had.

Have a look at our Pinterest page and our ‘Live London!’ board to start planning what sights you want to see on your visit.

On your visit, see if you can spot some traditional English features found on the list below:

  1. A red telephone box
  2. Red double decker bus
  3. Traditional black cab (this won’t be hard!)
  4. An English Police Officer
  5. A Union Jack
  6. A red post office box

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