Trinity Examination

All our courses prepare students for the Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) but what is it?

The GESE is offered at 12 different grades, which are grouped into 4 stages of language level. The 4 stages are known as Initial, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

In the Initial Stage you just have a short conversation with the examiner. The experience, even at this early stage, helps you become more confident in speaking your new language and interacting with a native speaker who will do his or her best to encourage you to show what you can say. Then, progressively from one stage to the next, there are more and more tasks which are all similar to real-life tasks that you may need to do in English. By the Advanced Stage, you should be very comfortable and proficient at using a wide range of language in most general and work and study situations.

So, whatever your level, from beginner to advanced, you have the chance to take an exam and receive an internationally recognised certificate showing your speaking level in English.

These exams are also very personal to you and allow you to talk about to your experiences, ideas and opinions; it could be a holiday, a sport, a hobby, or perhaps your family, studies or work – in other words, things that are of interest and relevance to you.

The emphasis of the exam is completely on spontaneous speaking and the use of real English in a relatively natural interaction. The examiners do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and at ease and are interested in seeing what you can do not what you can’t do.

So, you can relax and actually enjoy the exam at the same time as earning an international qualification for yourself. Most students walk out of the exam with a smile on their face saying it’s the best exam they’ve ever taken! All in all, a great way to complete your course!

 12th February 2014 /    Alice /   English Courses, Education, Trinity Exam

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