Why Helping Kids Make Local and International Friends Is so Important to Our Summer Boarding School

Children from all over the world come to study at Thames Valley Summer Schools (TVSS). Our welcoming and supportive environment helps students connect with their peers and foster friendships. Small class sizes, stimulating activities, and fun trips allow them to form new friendships, while also developing their English language skills.

Making friends is important to children no matter where they are, but at an English summer boarding school, making new friends can be especially beneficial. Here are just some of the benefits that these new friendships can bring.

Making Friends at Summer Boarding School Helps Students Practise Their English

The best way to learn a new language is to speak it often and regularly. When your child has a friend who speaks English, they will be able to practise their English skills with someone they like and trust. Your child may also feel more comfortable making mistakes in front of a friend than they would in front of an adult. That is important because the best way for your child to improve their English is by making mistakes and learning from them.

One of the unique aspects of TVSS is our English School Friends programme. English School Friends are English boys and girls who are a similar age to your child. They will join your child during lessons and help them practise their listening and speaking. They will also be with your child during lunch and during the rich variety of afternoon activities we offer. Your child’s English School Friend will encourage them to practise English both inside and outside of the classroom.

 summer boarding schoolEnglish School Friends at TVSS encourage students to speak English during afternoon activities

Your Child Will Discover New Cultures Through Local and International Friends

During their time at our English language summer school, your child will be learning alongside children from many different countries. Many parents from around the world choose TVSS for their child due to the high-quality of our programmes and the global reputation of our boarding schools. As your child makes friends with other children from diverse backgrounds, they will learn about cultures from around the globe.

Forming cross-cultural friendships also has surprising benefits beyond English language learning. One study by researchers in the United States and the Netherlands, for example, found that students who formed friendships with students of different ethnicities tended to feel safer, less lonely, and displayed fewer prejudices.

Friendships Made at English Language Summer School Can Last a Lifetime

Thanks to the internet, the friendships that your child makes at our summer boarding school can last long after they return home. With email and social media, your child can stay in touch with their friends throughout the year and beyond. That means that even when your child is home they will be able to continue practising their English.

Friendships formed at summer boarding school are often the basis of friendships that last a lifetime. They can give your child a truly global circle of connections, paving the way toward continued growth and learning.

The friendships your child makes at summer boarding school can last long after they leave

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