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We are looking for a number of highly-motivated and enthusiastic teenagers living locally to Epsom College, St. John's School Leatherhead or Rugby School, to volunteer to join in the summer school activities with our international students at these three centres.

This will provide the overseas students with the opportunity to meet and interact with British children, as well as giving you a great experience this summer. Ideally, you’ll be aged between 14-16 years and be available for three, four or five weeks in the summer.

As an English School Friend, you’ll provide a unique perspective on the course for the overseas students, with your experience of the British educational system. You’ll not only enrich your own education, but participate in a wide variety of activities and make new friends from all over the world.

You’ll expect to:
  • Arrive at the school/college between 8.00am-8.30am, and depart between 5.30pm-6.30pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Attend a morning meeting with our international students and senior staff.
  • Interact with students during morning classes, and participate in group work to help students improve their English.
  • Join in on afternoon recreation activities on campus, and one half-day excursion to London per week.
  • Remain on campus, unless on an excursion.
  • Be available for the relevant dates in the table below.

Centres Induction day Start date End date(s)
Epsom College 3 July 5 July 24 or 31 July
St John's School, Leatherhead 3 July 5 July 24 or 31 July
Rugby School 4 July 6 July 25, 30 July, 1 or 8 August

Each English School Friend will receive £100 per week ‘pocket money’ for five days' attendance.

To be considered, you’ll need to have a good academic background coupled with an interest in different cultures and languages. Ideally, you’ll also be a participant in various extra-curricular activities at school.
Key Information
Epsom College
St. John's Leatherhead
Rugby School
Monday - Friday
08.00/08.30am - 5.30/6.30pm

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2018 Course Dates
Epsom College
4 July - 24 or 31 July
St John's School, Leatherhead
4 July - 24 or 31 July
Rugby School
5 July - 25, 30 July, 1 or 8 August

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