English Language Summer Courses for Young Learners

English Language Summer Courses for Young Learners

You can choose from three Core Courses depending on what you want to focus on: 

If you want to improve your Speaking and Listening skills in English choose Trinity English Examination
If you want to improve your Academic skills in English choose IELTS Examination
If you want to improve your Personal Leadership skills in English choose Future Leaders

Trinity English Examination + Multi-Activity

Trinity GESE is an internationally recognised qualification that assesses speaking and listening skills. For students aged 8 - 17 years. Available at all our schools.

IELTS Examination + Multi-Activity

IELTS is the world's leading test of English and covers all four skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking. For students aged 12 - 17 years. Available at Rugby.

Future Leaders + Multi-Activity

Future Leaders helps you build the skills you need to become a confident, effective leader such as critical thinking, problem solving, debating and decision making. For students aged 13 - 17 years. Available at Epsom.

Afternoon Academies

In addition to the multi-activity recreation programme on all of our courses, the Academy options give students the opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy personalised tuition from professionally qualified instructors. These Academies take place on 3 afternoons per course week. 

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