Terms of Business & Code of Conduct (Online Classes)


‘TVSS’ means Thames Valley Summer Schools Ltd.

‘You’ means the person completing / signing the booking form

‘Student’ means the person attending the course

‘ETO’ means Educational Tour Operator


Any requests for course changes must be made by email at least 48 hours in advance during office hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:30 UK time).


All courses must be paid for in advance. Full payment is due on confirmation of registration. We regret that we are unable to start courses for students for whom full payment has not been received.

Payment can be made either online, by credit/debit card or by bank transfer.

If payment is made by bank transfer, the transfer must be identified by student name and Thames Valley Summer Schools’ invoice number. All bank transfer charges, including UK bank handling fee (£20), to be paid by sender. Bank details are on the invoice.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a student is unable to attend a course, TVSS will try to reschedule at a future date but cannot guarantee to do so.

Cancellations must be received in writing at least two working days before courses start or full fees will be charged.


Students will be provided with a certificate and progress report at the end of their course.


For safeguarding reasons, all communication regarding lesson bookings will be between TVSS staff and parents / ETOs by email only. Parents / ETOs are requested not to call a teacher's personal mobile phone or send them a message via WhatsApp, text etc.


Students are expected to join all lessons booked 5 minutes before the start time. If a student does not join their lesson within 15 minutes it will be assumed he/she is not attending. No refunds will be given.


If a teacher is unable to lead a lesson due to an unforeseen problem e.g. illness, TVSS will arrange a substitute teacher.


(a) Are best conducted using a desktop or laptop, not a mobile device. This enables the teacher to display presentations etc on the screen.

(b) Will be conducted with the webcam turned on. Students must ensure that they (and anyone in the room with them) is suitably dressed.

(c) Students are expected to treat their teacher (and other participants, if applicable) with respect. They must use suitable language, both verbal and written. Anyone using unacceptable language or displaying inappropriate behaviour may be prevented from joining future classes.

(d) To gain full benefit from each lesson students should be sitting at a desk/table in a quiet room (ideally not the student’s bedroom) with no other distractions. Mobile phones and any other devices/TV should be turned off.


In order to safeguard the student, we recommend that the door to the room is kept open or a parent is present in the room but does not participate in the lesson.

Zoom lessons with students will be recorded for safeguarding and quality control purposes.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead and/ or Director of Education will occasionally observe classes to check that the class is being conducted according to our safeguarding guidelines.

Students aged under 18 should never share their personal contact details with TVSS staff, nor should they attempt to contact them via social media, online games etc.

Any safeguarding concerns should be reported to our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Ross Kirby, at recruit@thamesvalleysummer.co.uk.


Any problem/complaint should be brought to the attention of our Registrar, Liljana Pearson, immediately at registrar@thamesvalleysummer.co.uk so that a satisfactory resolution can be found.


TVSS reserves the right to make changes to arrangements that may prove necessary. However TVSS will endeavour to notify any significant changes in writing as early as possible.

In the case of cancellation of a course, TVSS will use all reasonable endeavours to provide a comparable replacement. In case of non-acceptance or no suitable alternative course being available, the booking will become invalid and all monies received returnable to the client.


This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

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